Thursday, November 20, 2008

new bikes last week
old schwinn from a friend at work, a wonderful bike to ride and old skool seat and original schwinn grips.  definitely gonna keep this bike for myself.
picked up this bike from a kid who was selling it to raise money for haiti so I felt good about buying it from him.  I got this one before the schwinn up above and wanted to keep it.  I think I will just clean it up and put new tires on it and sell it.  It is a wonderful cruiser for around town, and it has a rack :)
On the same day I got the schwinn, I picked up this trike from a friends brother.  It was a rusty pile.  In this pic, I had already removed a headlight and mirror that were so rusted on the only way to remove them was with a hammer (ha).  The chain was so rusted on it was removed with a hammer too.  I ordered around $85 in parts to completely rebuild everything.  The rear wheels are so rusted I'm afraid they'll crumble.  The rear hubs are good.  I'm going to go flat black on the frame, wheels and hubs black, black tires, no fenders, scrap the basket, and ad a banana seat and sissy bar :)  lowrider trike!


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