Wednesday, October 08, 2008

3 of my 4 goals are done
The open road got sold
The ross got tubes, tires, its rack, got ridden on an 8 mile ride the other day and then SOLD! (I know, I can't believe it myself)
The tandem got re-assembled!!!!!!!
here is Monika with the tandem after our 1 AM ride :p

up next: the tandem needs smaller tires (these ones rub), and either its fenders cleaned and re-installed or new ones.
and then... once I get my plotter back up and running I will cut some custom graphics for the tandem, and finally... roll to the grocery store and make EVERYONE JEALOUS! HA.


Blogger moeblis said...

that bike is absolutely amazing! how fun to ride. i too can't wait until we ride to the grocery store on it...and on our wedding day :)

9:34 AM  

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