Thursday, October 09, 2008

Scraped down, prepped and painted this parts bike today. I was going to do all white but on a whim, decided to paint the fork red. i love it. tomorrow I am going over to my friend Troy's and he's gonna help me convert the hub to a fixed hub - my first fixie :) I have decided on a ratio of 52-21 (which gives a gain of 5.0 - a decent all around road ratio) Since this bike is a huffy and i'm trying to do it for next to free... my options of front cog were 39 (too small) and 52 (manageable) so I chose 52.

Tomorrow I also have to repaint the rear triangle on the tandem... the tires on it are too big and they rubbed the paint off the inside of the triangle. So new tires are on the way and new fenders too.


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