Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mowing season over... time to buy a mower
In a fluke, I was off work sunday... (I had originally intended to go dancing but that fell through)  I found myself bargain hunting, and I found one in the form of this mower.  Its a 2 stroke lawn boy commercial series 4.5hp 21" cut mulching mower.  Price tag said "$** as is" (price withheld because I want to sell it)  It was cheap enough though that I bought it without any question :)  Took it home, opened it up, cleaned the carb out, filled it with the proper ratio mix gas and started it up.  It ran rich for about 30 seconds, got the choke adjusted properly and mowed my lawn :)  I almost don't want to sell it because its a perfectly fine mower but on the other hand, I don't need a mower so it will be for sale pretty soon.  know anyone that wants an awesome self propelled mower that will last forever (for cheap)?  email me. 


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