Thursday, November 06, 2008


I finished this bike.  Decided not to pull the rear cassette - this bike stays single speed coastie with a full rear cassette...  added a rear brake and its for sale.

I got this Tomos Golden Bullet moped last week.  Got it off craigslist for a STEAL.  Thats my russian army helmet that I am using as my moped helmet... its a steel pot :-)  The moped goes 30-35 mph, gets 120 mpg and is an absolute BLAST to drive.

This fancy little instrument is a stick dulcimer that I picked up last week from a guy in PA who makes them.  It uses open GDG tuning - has banjo strings on it and sounds magnificent.   I'll try to post a video of me playing it later.

Check out this beautiful maple back :)


Blogger moeblis said...

i love that moped! i want to ride with you again. i wish it was easier to do that...

vrrrrm vrrrmmmmm!

6:29 AM  

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