Thursday, October 09, 2008

Scraped down, prepped and painted this parts bike today. I was going to do all white but on a whim, decided to paint the fork red. i love it. tomorrow I am going over to my friend Troy's and he's gonna help me convert the hub to a fixed hub - my first fixie :) I have decided on a ratio of 52-21 (which gives a gain of 5.0 - a decent all around road ratio) Since this bike is a huffy and i'm trying to do it for next to free... my options of front cog were 39 (too small) and 52 (manageable) so I chose 52.

Tomorrow I also have to repaint the rear triangle on the tandem... the tires on it are too big and they rubbed the paint off the inside of the triangle. So new tires are on the way and new fenders too.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

3 of my 4 goals are done
The open road got sold
The ross got tubes, tires, its rack, got ridden on an 8 mile ride the other day and then SOLD! (I know, I can't believe it myself)
The tandem got re-assembled!!!!!!!
here is Monika with the tandem after our 1 AM ride :p

up next: the tandem needs smaller tires (these ones rub), and either its fenders cleaned and re-installed or new ones.
and then... once I get my plotter back up and running I will cut some custom graphics for the tandem, and finally... roll to the grocery store and make EVERYONE JEALOUS! HA.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Yesterday I went on a ride with Monika and some of our friends in our "bike gang". we had a blast. I now have a buyer for the Ross Europa III (the one I said that I wouldn't sell) Its time to keep the garage clean and since my car is running again, time to get it back in the garage.

The tandem is nearing completion. I finished clearcoat on friday and got the seats adjusted and fitted (I had to modify the brackets because the seat posts are smaller than the stock bracket can go). In my fedex delivery, I got grips for the tandem and tires for it too. I need to do some more work on the fenders but soon I will start with the re-assembly process and hopefully get it on the road by thursday or friday of this week. The tandem still needs: chains, cleaning of the drivetrain, pedals, and finally assembly.

My parts bike that I got to fix the open road is being prepped right now for paint. I think with another hour or so I will be ready to paint the frame. This one will be plain white with a clear coat (the whole bike) - maybe a black fork, and chrome handlebars. I am planning on converting it to a fixed gear single speed, and after talking to my brother, he has expressed interest in getting it. It may get mailed to texas :) I'll post up some pictures of it tonight when I get home.

Last night Moni and I baked 2 apple pies with the apples we got yesterday from the orchard. They are wonderful - pictures of those later too.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sold the "open road" today to a very nice person for $26 -- thanks "Southern Accent" for the free classified ad.

Got another bike today for parts. Used the rear brake on the open road (to fix the rear brake that I broke last night) then stripped down the new bike and converted it to a single speed. All it needs now is a tube for the rear tire.

While I was fixing the rear brake, the FedEx man came and delivered me a big box of goodies from niagara cycle which included tires for the Ross, the tandem, grips for the tandem, and new baskets and a rack for 2 different bikes. yay for solid metal racks :) by the way, Suck Creek is going to warrantee moni's broken basket so hurray there.

I called caterers today getting quotes for our wedding. Food is expensive. That is all.

I got a rug pad at a yard sale the other day for cheap-cheap (and it was brand new). Today I put it under the rug in the living room so the rug doesn't slide around anymore and it looks phenomenal (soft and comfy to sit on).